I haven’t had the time lately to update Antisemitica on a daily basis. In the long term, I plan to integrate this website into a redesigned Occidental Dissent as a separate blog that focuses on the Jewish Question. Alternative Right has several people writing for multiple blogs on the same website. I’m planning to move in that direction.


Zundel Released

Ernst Zundel has finally been released from the German gulag. He served five years in prison for the crime of “denying the Holocaust” and “inciting hatred against Jews.”

The Federal Republic of Germany has written Jewish privilege into law. If I was a German citizen, the mere act of criticizing Jews on this blog would be enough to get me thrown in prison.

Chechar has seen the light on the Jewish Question. Lawrence Auster has responded at View From the Right. Like Chechar, I didn’t get the Jewish Question at first. It took me about six months to wrap my mind around the idea that Jews are not the people they present themselves to be. They have mastered the art of public relations. In this respect, White Nationalists have a lot to learn from them.

Back Home

I’m finally in a position to return to regular blogging here. I’ve spent most of the past three weeks on the road or out of touch because of an epic snowstorm. I see that a lot has been going on during my travels. In particular, I want to comment on Lawrence Auster and Mike Berman’s vicious attack on Jared Taylor. A post about that should be up this evening.

Funny stuff. Check it out on Guy White’s blog.

One Jew

I found out last night that there was at least one Jew at the AR Conference. He goes by the name “Jew Among You” on Amren. I think he was the one who videotaped the conference. He struck me as an amiable fellow.

No Jews

I haven’t seen a single Jew at the Amren conference this year. There are lots of us evil anti-Semites in attendance though. Nothing much else to report.