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A point in favor of the philo-Semites emerged this morning. In light of my pledge of fairness, I felt compelled to report it. Jewish attitudes toward immigration are more complex than White Nationalists have imagined. If the CIS/Zogby data is accurate, the typical Jew is at odds with the Jewish leadership on immigration.

– 61% of Jews do not believe legal immigration should be increased or that illegal aliens should be given a path to citizenship. 16% of Jews support amnesty and increasing legal immigration.

– 69% of Catholics do not believe legal immigration should be increased or that illegal aliens should be given a path to citizenship. 12% of Catholics support amnesty and increasing legal immigration.

– 75% of Evangelical Protestants do not believe legal immigration should be increased or that illegal aliens should be given a path to citizenship. 7% of Evangelical Protestants support amnesty and increasing legal immigration.

– 73% of mainline Protestants do not believe legal immigration should be increased or that illegal aliens should be given a path to citizenship. 10% of mainline Protestants support amnesty and increasing legal immigration.

– 50% of Jews believe the total number of immigrants is “too high,” 22% believe it is “just right,” and 5% believe it is “too low,” and 23% are “not sure.”

– 69% of Catholics believe the total number of immigrants is “too high,” 14% believe it is “just right,” 4% believe it is “too low,” and 14% of “not sure.”

– 72% of mainline Protestants believe the total number of immigrants is “too high,” 11% believe it is “just right,” and 2% believe it is “too low.”

– 78% of Evangelical Protestants believe the total number of immigrants is “too high,” 9% believe it is “just right,” and 3% believe it is “too low,” and 10% are “not sure.”

There is a lot of meat in this study. Several more questions were asked. The overall picture that emerges is that Jews are more likely to support amnesty and immigration than other religious groups, but the Jewish rank-and-file (like Protestants, Evangelicals and Catholics)  is at odds with the Jewish leadership on immigration. Most American Jews do not seem to support the inudation of the United States by third world immigrants.


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Like most White Nationalists, I haven’t been following the Obamacare debate with any great interest. I’m not opposed in principle to a European-style national health care system or the so-called “public option” that has aroused such controversy. The issue has aroused enormous opposition from the implicit Whites involved in conservative and libertarian politics though. These people tend to be of a more individualistic mindset than racialists.

In a racially homogeneous country, an Iceland or Finland, I think such a system could work. In America, it will become just another mechanism for wealth redistribution from Whites to non-Whites. The “47 million uninsured” are disproportionately blacks and Hispanics. I don’t want to see scarce resources drained away from the White community and wasted on people who nurse racial and ethnic grievances against us. I oppose the bill for that reason.

With that in mind, I wasn’t surprised at all to learn this morning that “Jewish groups have been at the forefront of lobbying the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for health care reform, framing their support within the Talmudic mandate of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.” In other words, Jews as Jews are lobbying the government for wealth redistribution from Whites to non-Whites. The Jewish community is the vanguard of the interests pushing for this destructive piece of legislation.

I haven’t heard a peep of this from conservatives, libertarians, or race realists. The lunatic fringe has factored Obamacare into their various Jewish conspiracy theories, but I tend to automatically discount anything I hear coming out of that camp. They are generally untrustworthy.

The Jews are now openly taking credit for the bill. White Nationalists need to get the “Jews Behind Obamacare” meme rolling out in the mainstream.

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American and Canadian Jews are immigrating to Israel in record numbers. In 2009, 3,324 immigrants came to Israel from the United States; 3,767 from all of North America. The 2009 total is “the highest aliyah from North America in 36 years.”

I don’t see this as anything to crow about. Israel doesn’t seem to be attracting many North American Jews. The vast majority of American Jews prefer living among Whites (and destroying our culture) to relocating to the Jewish ethnostate. No information was given regarding Jewish immigration from Israel to North America.

If the Zionist option is to become attractive, Jews will have to be given a powerful incentive in the West to pack their bags.

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James Howard Kunstler, a Jewish writer/Peak Oil doomer, is predicting White Nationalists will overcome their political marginalization in the year ahead. He sees a “variety-pack of political disturbance” including “dangerous players such as the political racialists, the posse comitatus types, the totalitarian populists” coming “out of the woodwork” and joining “the contest over dwindling resources.”  Racialist ideologues will offer “revolutionary action to redefine some lost sense of national purpose.”

In his 2010 forecast, I was surprised that Kunstler didn’t include his usual dire warnings (Palinites with pitchforks) about “cornpone Nazism,” a subject he has endlessly harped upon in the past. Kunstler has become notorious for his scathing hatred of ordinary White people. Last month, he went so far as to describe the White working and middle class as “The Yeast People.” I’ve been following him for years and have never seen him use this kind loaded rhetoric to attack blacks and Hispanics for their sordid underclass culture, which by any honest measure is several orders of magnitude worse than comparable trends in the White community.

Kunstler’s attack on the BNP is especially revealing: “History is ironical. Perhaps this time the Germans will be the good guys, while England goes apeshit with its BNP. Wouldn’t that be something?” The BNP is the only political party in the UK which has raised awareness of the Peak Oil issue, which everyone knows is so dear to his heart, but Kunstler sees Nick Griffin as the leader of the bad guys. He implies that the BNP are Nazis.

Kunstler’s Jewishness, the source of his fear and loathing of White people, weighs more heavily in his mind than anything he has said about Peak Oil, suburbs, walkable communities, relocalization, or the automobile. I can’t help but wonder whether or not this animus is the real source of his social criticism.

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In his latest column at The New York Times, Paul Krugman (a well known Jewish economist and political pundit) denounces the implicit Whites behind the Tea Parties as the “crazy right,” “irrational extremists,” and “the lunatic fringe.” He pines for the good ol’ days when there was “a general understanding, a sort of implicit clause in the rules of American politics” that the two major parties would ignore the concerns of this element of the right. Such is Paul Krugman’s commitment to “democratic values.”

The conservatives behind the Tea Parties were Ronald Reagan supporters. They are the GOP base. As changing demographics shift the political spectrum to the left, I have long predicted that huge numbers of White conservatives will be pushed beyond the pale of mainstream respectability. They will find themselves expelled to the fringe now populated by paleocons and White Nationalists. There is already an organized effort on the left to lump all of these political tendencies together into one rightwing boogeyman.

As one might suspect, Jewish progressives are leading the charge. They are also using their traditional strategy: look at these people, they are crazy, they are lunatics, they are toxic, don’t touch them or they will rub off something nasty on you. The appeal is to social status and maintaining respectability in the eyes of Jewish NYC-DC-Hollywood elites.

It remains to be seen if the majority of White conservatives will buy this argument and accept their own dispossession. Judging by their resistance, I doubt they will go quietly.

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The World Jewish Congress has criticized Pope Benedict XVI for moving Pope Pius XII (his WW2 era predecessor) closer to sainthood. For years now, Pius XII has been vilified as “Hitler’s Pope” by Jewish groups and historians for not doing enough to save European Jewry from the Third Reich.

Pope Benedict XVI has decided to visit Rome’s leading synagogue as a friendly gesture. This is in line with the Vatican’s long established policy of engaging in “interfaith dialogue” (read: appeasement) with the Jewish community. As far as I can tell, the “culture war” that secular Jews are openly waging against Christianity is not a part of this “dialogue.”

The Catholic Church was once a mighty institution. The notion that the Vicar of Christ would ever one day humble himself before the partisans of Barabbas in such a servile manner would have struck previous generations as unthinkable. It is another indicator of how far the balance of power has shifted (away from the “Apollonians,” and toward the “Mercurians”) in the last hundred years.

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Merry Christmas

I’ve taken a few days off to celebrate the holidays. I’m enjoying spending time with my family. I will return to active posting tomorrow.

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