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In Haaretz, a frank new article discusses an ethnic alliance between Jews and Hispanics in a renewed push for “comprehensive immigration reform.” The basis of this alliance is a quid pro quo: Hispanics back Jews on Israel, Jews back Hispanics on immigration, and both unite to stick it to the White man!

Listen to this:

“”The organized Jewish community is more committed than ever to immigration reform. A letter supporting immigration reform, which will be sent out to all Senate offices in early February, was signed by dozens of national Jewish organizations.”

The alliance behind “comprehensive immigration reform” has decided that it must get rammed through Congress within the next three months before its unpopularity becomes an albatross for the Democrats in the fall elections.  Luis Gutierrez (Hispanic) and Chuck Schumer (Jew) are initiating legislation in Congress.

It should be interesting to see if a chastened Obama is willing to gamble his eroding support among independents on such an unpopular bill. Nothing stirred more anger against George W. Bush than his support for amnesty back in 2005 and 2006.


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You can’t make this stuff up. It is something new every day with these people. I log on to the internet, search a couple sources, and wham there it is. Within a few minutes, I usually find something of interest that Jews are doing to harm Whites or promote cultural degeneracy.

Here’s the latest story: an 86 year old Auschwitz survivor has teamed up with local Turkish rappers to “fight racism and discrimination” in Germany through hip hop music. In their ghetto lyrics, they are “fighting anti-Semitism” and encouraging young people to “stand up” to the “new Nazis.” The band has created a documentary that is being shown in high schools across Germany.

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Howard Zinn, a notorious Jewish multiculturalist historian, has died at the age of 87 from a heart attack. Zinn was best known as the author of A People’s History of the United States.

I had the misfortune of reading it while in college. It is one long anti-racist diatribe against Whites from Columbus to Reagan. Zinn was so awful that he stirred even Ian Jobling to write against him. If I was ever forced to name the Top Five most anti-White Jews in the United States, Zinn would have certainly made the list.

The tributes are already rolling in now that the godfather of Europhobia among American historians has passed away. A People’s History of the United States spawned countless anti-racist reinterpretations of the American past. You can find them in any decent college library.

The worst aspect of Zinn’s legacy can be found in American history textbooks for White children that emphasize unimportant black figures like Harriet Tubman and Sojournor Truth. This comes at the expense of real history. White children are deliberately left ignorant of the fact that America was founded as a White Republic by the Founders for their posterity. Instead, they are now brainwashed with racial guilt about racism and slavery thanks to Jews like Howard Zinn.

Good riddance.

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In his latest article, David Brooks takes a few swings at populism and props up his own elitist biases with some faux history. He claims this country “was built by anti-populists” like Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln for “poor boys like themselves.”

Hamilton was a Federalist. He was also a proud elitist who wanted to imitate Great Britain. The Federalists famously lost to the Democratic-Republicans who went on to dominate American politics for half a century. Jefferson’s vision of national development prevailed over Hamilton’s. The Bank of the United States lost its charter. Andrew Jackson killed the Second Bank of the United States. It is fair to say the Federalists were swept away by a populist tide that made America a more democratic country.

Lincoln presided over the dissolution of the Union. The Republican Party rode a wave of  populism in the North against the “Slave Power” into the White House. Abraham Lincoln spent his presidency waging war against the Confederacy. His armies destroyed the economy of the Southern states. He didn’t build the country in any sense of the word. It took the South over a century to recover from its wounds.

This detour into history was intended to disguise what David Brooks really dislikes about the populists: their “Us versus Them” mentality. He doesn’t like Sarah Palin dividing the country into “real Americans and the cultural elites.” The cultural elites, of course, are disproportionately Jews like David Brooks who see themselves as “outsiders.”

White Populism is a threat to Jewish Privilege. It’s not “good for the Jews.” Thus, it has to be stopped, at least in David Brooks’ mind. Just another little window into the ruling class and how they see the world.

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Get out your box of kleenexes.

It is time for a carefully orchestrated worldwide orgy of pity for the poor, persecuted, suffering Jews who rank highly ( if not first) among the wealthiest, most powerful, and privileged ethnic groups on Earth. In case you didn’t know, January 27 is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Back in 2005, this day was set aside by the United Nations for the exclusive remembrance of Jewish suffering in World War II, an international conflict that claimed 70 million lives; the vast majority of whom were Gentiles.

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we are invited to remember the Jews who suffered in World War 2, and encouraged NOT to ask penetrating questions as to WHY they were persecuted. We are told the past must not be repeated, but asking certain questions about the past must be criminalized. The whole point of this is supposedly to avoid another Holocaust. If that were true, a real discussion would be going on about the obvious: what factor turned Nazi anti-Semitism into genocidal anti-Semitism?

The answer is not hard to find. The Germans were losing WW2 and blamed the Jews. Specifically, Hitler blamed International Jewry for drawing Britain and America into the war, and foiling his plans for a quick decisive strike against the Soviet Union. Hitler and Goebbels had warned International Jewry before that European Jewry would pay the price if the Third Reich went down in a war they had fomented. Jewish blood would be shed for German blood.

When Hitler came to power in 1933, the Final Solution wasn’t in the cards. He was content to restore German dominance over the German economy and German institutions. Over the previous fifty years, Jews had become vastly overrepresented in the German media, academia, and professions. Their cumulative influence was having a corrosive effect on German culture. This was bitterly resented by German nationalists. The same process would later unfold in America, but it started a few decades earlier in Germany.

Jews refused to accept their new status in the Third Reich. Their co-ethnics abroad launched an international boycott against Germany. The boycott failed in America due to internal division within the Jewish community here. In Britain and America, prominent Jews started beating the war drum against the Third Reich and influencing public opinion. This was noticed at the time and resulted in a sharp rise in anti-Semitism within the United States. It did not go unnoticed in the Third Reich.

In hindsight, it is pretty clear (at least to me) that domestic Jewish agitation was not the most important factor on the Road to War in America, although American Jewry desired that result. What matters is that Hitler (with less accurate information) blamed International Jewry for Britain and America turning a border war with Poland into the Second World War which spelled ruin for his regime. He lashed out in rage and the rest in history.

The critical point here is that this unfortunate scenario could have been avoided. It wasn’t ordained by the nature of National Socialism. If Jews had accepted the end of Jewish Privilege in Germany and Eastern Europe, they could have resettled elsewhere. Hitler wasn’t adverse to Jewish colonialism in British-controlled Palestine. French-controlled Madagascar had been proposed as an alternative site for Jewish settlement.

Then as now, Jews won’t settle for anything less than full blown supremacy. Jewish Privilege must be codified in Western law and embedded in American culture. Criticism of Jews must be proscribed, demonized, and effaced from every corner of the internet. Jews must maintain a chokehold over the distribution of information. Along with every Western country, Germany must be de-Germanized and America must be de-Americanized. Jews demand an Open Door policy of access to all European countries and their resources. Tribute must be paid to Israel.

The list goes on and on. Jews are the only people in the world who literally force you to like them. The sacrifice of millions of their European co-ethnics makes me wonder whether a peaceful resolution of the Jewish Question is possible.

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The leaders of Organized Jewry in the United States are concerned about the criticism they are receiving in the comment sections of major newspapers and websizes. In particular, The Huffington Post has been a target of criticism. Although the paid gatekeepers over there ruthlessly squelch every anti-Semitic comment, a distressing and unwelcome wave of anti-Jewish sentiment still manages to penetrate the Zionist firewall.

This is a useful illustration of just how seriously discourse poisoning is taken by our ideological enemies. The White community doesn’t have anything like a cohesive hierarchy of organizations charged with monitoring and policing every Europhobic comment that gets posted on the web. Jews understand that discourse controls thought which controls political action. Through their control of the media, a minority of privileged extremists are able to lord over a slumbering White majority.

As it happens, I have spent a lot of time lately reading about America in the Antebellum era. There are similarities between the ways Jews have a chokehold over the dissemination of information in our own times and the old “Slave Power” which imposed the gag rule on the Senate and censored abolitionist material in the mails. They also manipulated the status system, exploited loyalty politics, and invoked the spectre of a Haitian-style racial holocaust to stiffle criticism of the “domestic institution.”

It took the Civil War to dislodge the Slave Power from its dominance over the Southern states and the Democratic Party. What will it take to rid Congress of the more formidable Jew Power?

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That’s the headline in Haaretz and other Jewish newspapers. There were more anti-Semitic incidents recorded in 2009 than in any year since the Second World War. It seems that 42 percent of Western Europeans agree with the true statement that “Jews exploit the past to extort money.”

If you have been paying attention as long as I have, you have probably heard all of this before. We hear about “record anti-Semitism” and the “new anti-Semitism” every year. The same scaremongers demand that something must be done. New laws must be passed. Commissions must be appointed. Taboos must be reinforced. Or else there will be another Holocaust.

My own theory is that we must be entering the annual fundraising cycle. I have no proof of this. It is only a suspicion. When Jews complain about rising anti-Semitism, I usually find that is a indicator that Jewish wealth, power, and influence has increased in some measurable way.

I will keep looking for any new relevant data.

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