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Guy White has stepped up to bat and answered the questions I posed in the previous thread. Here are my own answers. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

1.) Why do we have academic institutions dedicated to the exploration of anti-Semitism, but not Europhobia?

Jews possess enormous wealth, power, and influence. In the mid-twentieth century, Jews became part of the American ruling class, and their narrow ethnic interests (such as fighting anti-Semitism) became reflected in American public discourse. An important corollary of the fight against “anti-Semitism” is the destruction of Gentile ethnic consciousness. Jews recognize that this is an important precursor to anti-Semitism and for that reason use their power and influence to demonize nationalist and populist sentiment in the White electorate.

2.) Why are Jews resented, but not Eskimos?

Jews are resented because of their implacable hostility to White Nationalism. This is a common thread that unites all the mainstream Jewish organizations. Jews are also resented because they are seemingly omnipresent in socially destructive trends and movements. Wherever Gentile culture rots, Jews seem to congregate in unusual numbers.

They aren’t resented because they are successful. In my area, Indians and Pakistanis are notorious for buying up local gas stations and hotels. They are emerging as a “market dominant minority.” Jews, however, don’t really live around here. The Indians and Pakistanis are economically motivated. Their quiet success doesn’t inspire the same resentment because they are not an aggressive minority group trying to “transform” the culture of their Gentile neighbors.

3.) Why is anti-Semitism socially unacceptable in the mainstream, but Europhobia encouraged?

The Jew Power has created this state of affairs to perpetuate its own existence. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, homosexuals, and workers must be stirred up against Whites to create a Jewish led majority governing coalition. If women, workers, and homosexuals thought of themselves as Whites, they might defect to the other side. If criticism of Jews was socially acceptable, the inordinate privileges that Jews enjoy in American society might garner attention and become a source of resentment.

4.) Why the a priori assumption of Jewish innocence?

Jews don’t want to admit that other groups have legitimate grievances against them. If the reasonableness of their critics was ever acknowledged, well, they might have to alter their behavior in ways they dislike. It might result in pogroms or genocide!

5.) Why is ethnic and racial consciousness verboten among Whites, but acceptable in the Jewish community?

Jews fear 1.) defection to the Gentile world and 2.) a backlash by Gentiles that might sweep away their accumulated wealth, power, and privileges. They spend billions of dollars each year on the Jewish Federations trying to maintain a sense of ethnic solidarity. At the same time, they have a phalanx of organizations dedicated to sniffing out and demonizing the slightest whiff of Gentile racial consciousness.

6.) Why is a border fence a proper remedy for Israel, but not for the United States?

It is “good for the Jews” for Israel to have secure borders and America to have porous ones. If Jews ever got in trouble abroad, it serves their interests to have the U.S. available as a sanctuary. The demographic eclipse of White America could also forestall the rise of an indigenous nativist anti-Semitic party.

7.) Why does the U.S. State Department fight anti-Semitism, but not far more prevelant racial prejudice against Whites?

This is a reflection of the internal balance of power between ethnic groups.


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Indiana University has launched a new “Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism.” It is the second such institution of its kind in the United States. Yale University has an “Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism.” There are three other major research institutes abroad; two in Israel, one in Germany.

Undoubtedly, the Indiana branch won’t come any closer to discerning the true cause of anti-Semitism. The academics there will start from the premise that Gentiles, unlike Jews, don’t have ethnic interests and legitimate grievances. Any expression of Gentile self interest (such as opposing open borders) will be pathologized as a cocktail of irrational paranoia, conspiracy theories, racism, nativism, sexual repression, anti-Semitism and the like.

The right questions won’t be asked: why do we have academic institutions dedicated to the exploration of anti-Semitism, but not Europhobia; why are Jews resented, but not Eskimos; why is anti-Semitism socially unacceptable in the mainstream, but Europhobia encouraged; why the a priori assumption of Jewish innocence; why is ethnic and racial consciousness verboten among Whites, but acceptable in the Jewish community; why is a border fence a proper remedy for Israel, but not for the United States; why does the U.S. State Department fight anti-Semitism, but not far more prevelant racial prejudice against Whites?

Update: The Kvetcher has taken an interest in this post. I will be monitoring any comments that get posted.

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You can’t make this stuff up. It is something new every day with these people. I log on to the internet, search a couple sources, and wham there it is. Within a few minutes, I usually find something of interest that Jews are doing to harm Whites or promote cultural degeneracy.

Here’s the latest story: an 86 year old Auschwitz survivor has teamed up with local Turkish rappers to “fight racism and discrimination” in Germany through hip hop music. In their ghetto lyrics, they are “fighting anti-Semitism” and encouraging young people to “stand up” to the “new Nazis.” The band has created a documentary that is being shown in high schools across Germany.

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Howard Zinn, a notorious Jewish multiculturalist historian, has died at the age of 87 from a heart attack. Zinn was best known as the author of A People’s History of the United States.

I had the misfortune of reading it while in college. It is one long anti-racist diatribe against Whites from Columbus to Reagan. Zinn was so awful that he stirred even Ian Jobling to write against him. If I was ever forced to name the Top Five most anti-White Jews in the United States, Zinn would have certainly made the list.

The tributes are already rolling in now that the godfather of Europhobia among American historians has passed away. A People’s History of the United States spawned countless anti-racist reinterpretations of the American past. You can find them in any decent college library.

The worst aspect of Zinn’s legacy can be found in American history textbooks for White children that emphasize unimportant black figures like Harriet Tubman and Sojournor Truth. This comes at the expense of real history. White children are deliberately left ignorant of the fact that America was founded as a White Republic by the Founders for their posterity. Instead, they are now brainwashed with racial guilt about racism and slavery thanks to Jews like Howard Zinn.

Good riddance.

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James Howard Kunstler has noticed this blog. He says, “this guy doesn’t get me at all. I’m not against white people… I’m just against white people who are against other people”

Come on, please. I’ve followed Kunstler for around five years now. I have four of his books: Long Emergency, Home From Nowhere, Geography of Nowhere, and World Made By Hand. This is a self deception.

It is clear that Kunstler hates White suburbanites, the White lower classes, and White social conservatives whom he associates with the car culture. A quick search of his blog will turn up all sorts of abusive rhetoric about these groups. If I used similar language to attack ghetto blacks or shtetl Jews, I would be called a racist and an anti-Semite.

There is an important difference though. I’m willing to admit that I am prejudiced against Jews. Kunstler should be honest and admit that he is prejudiced against White people. He should admit that he would never use such rhetoric to attack blacks or Hispanics.

It is okay to admit that you just don’t relate to certain groups of people. This is perfectly human and natural. Why deny the obvious?

Note: This blog agress with JHK on the major issues of Peak Oil, the car culture, suburbanization, and the sordid culture of the White underclass. We just think his writing would be more enjoyable if he acknowledged his Europhobia.

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In The New York Times, David Brooks recapitulates the basic gist of Hernan and Andrew’s Avatar review: it is a racial guilt fantasy like Dances With Wolves or The Last Samurai. Brooks goes on to mention that it is “kind of offensive.”

It’s not offensive to White people who are portrayed as corrupt, evil, sadistic, imperialistic monsters bent on exploiting pure, noble, innocent and spiritual non-White aliens. On the contrary, Brooks says that Avatar  is “condescending” to people of color because it assumes they require a White Messiah to lead them to victory.

If James Cameron’s Avatar had anti-Semitic overtones  instead of Europhobic ones, David Brooks wouldn’t have hesitated for a second to call attention to that fact. The Jewish community would have exploded in an uproar of protest.

Cameron was smart enough to know not to go there. It is a line that no one is willing to cross. The limits of respectable social criticism in America shed considerable light on just who is truly “privileged” in our culture.

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That’s the breathless conclusion of M.J. Rosenberg over at Talking Points Memo. The neocons are spreading the anti-Semitic canard that Jews are not “real Americans” and can’t relate to Sarah Palin because she is a typical White person.

This is a great example of what Kevin MacDonald calls Jewish self deception. The charge happens to be true. Jews look at Sarah Palin and they see the most white bread conservative leader since Pat Buchanan. They see the implicit whiteness in the metastasizing Tea Party crowds.

Their cultural antennae has a visceral negative emotional reaction. It goes far beyond public policy disagreements. Their gut instinct tells them crowds of angry White people are “bad for the Jews.”

When White Americans respond to negro and Hispanic chauvinists in this way, Jews decry it as “racism.” In a sense, they are right. It is racial prejudice at work; an emotional short cut that bypasses reason.

Jews are unwilling to acknowledge their own “Europhobia” : their fear and loathing of White people. They rationalize their own prejudices and throw the charge back at their accusers.

This self deception is necessary to maintain their own self image as liberal, tolerant, enlightened people. It is one of the many ways Jews lie to themselves and others about their intentions.

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