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The leaders of Organized Jewry in the United States are concerned about the criticism they are receiving in the comment sections of major newspapers and websizes. In particular, The Huffington Post has been a target of criticism. Although the paid gatekeepers over there ruthlessly squelch every anti-Semitic comment, a distressing and unwelcome wave of anti-Jewish sentiment still manages to penetrate the Zionist firewall.

This is a useful illustration of just how seriously discourse poisoning is taken by our ideological enemies. The White community doesn’t have anything like a cohesive hierarchy of organizations charged with monitoring and policing every Europhobic comment that gets posted on the web. Jews understand that discourse controls thought which controls political action. Through their control of the media, a minority of privileged extremists are able to lord over a slumbering White majority.

As it happens, I have spent a lot of time lately reading about America in the Antebellum era. There are similarities between the ways Jews have a chokehold over the dissemination of information in our own times and the old “Slave Power” which imposed the gag rule on the Senate and censored abolitionist material in the mails. They also manipulated the status system, exploited loyalty politics, and invoked the spectre of a Haitian-style racial holocaust to stiffle criticism of the “domestic institution.”

It took the Civil War to dislodge the Slave Power from its dominance over the Southern states and the Democratic Party. What will it take to rid Congress of the more formidable Jew Power?


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Guy White is saying that Israel is the victim of an anti-Semitic double standard. I found these numbers at the Census. Germany and Japan do not seem to receive economic and military aid from the United States. It is also worth noting that Germany and Japan (unlike the Jewish state) were destroyed by the U.S. military.

U.S. Foreign Economic and Military Aid to Israel:

2000: $3,864,000,000
2004: $2,722,000,000
2005: $2,713,000,000
2006: $2,544,000,000
2007: $2,408,000,000

U.S. Foreign Economic and Military Aid to Haiti:

2000: $88,000,000
2004: $163,000,000
2005: $224,000,000
2006: $243,000,000
2007: $210,000,000

President Obama has allocated $2.775 billion dollars to Israel in the 2010 foreign aid budget. Israel is set to receive over $30 billion in U.S. foreign aid over the next decade. In the wake of the devastating earthquake, Obama promised Haiti a mere $100 million for its recovery effort.

Change you can believe in? I don’t think so.

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The latest David Brooks column is about Jewish achievement. With a certain degree of filial pride, Brooks hammers out the statistics as if he were an Antisemitica reader: 54% of world chess champions, 21% of Ivy League student bodies, 37% of Academy Award winning directors, etc.

Brooks notes that Israel is an entrepreneurial hot spot. Although it lacks huge oil reserves, Israel has an economy that dwarfs its Arab neighbors.  It is the military hegemon of the Middle East. As Brooks says, it is fair to describe Israel as an “astonishing success story.”

If Israel can stand on its own two feet, why does it need to be coddled by the U.S. military? Why do Israelis need to be subsidized by U.S. taxpayers? Why does American Jewry spend so much time trying to manipulate American foreign policy?

Expect to be labeled an “anti-Semite” for asking these questions.

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The Israeli foreign ministry has asked the ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jews to please discontinue their long standing practice of spitting on Christian churches and clergy. It is a public relations embarrassment for Israel.

Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem are routinely spat upon. This has been going on for decades. Some clerics have been spat on more than a dozen times.

I first heard about this vile practice while reading Irving Kristol’s Neoconservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea. As a child, Kristol was raised to hate the goyim and spit on their churches. This goes on in America as well.

It was a real eye opener for me. I had never heard of anything like this in Alabama. Around the same time, I read David Horowitz’s autobiography, Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey. In that book, Horowitz spoke several times about how he was raised to show one face to the goyim and another to his Jewish co-ethnics, and how this carried over into his communist activism.

I was stunned to see material like this in mainstream sources. I had encountered White Nationalists in cyberspace with kooky sounding conspiracy theories about Jews, but I had dismissed them out of hand.

Reading Kristol and Horowitz produced two of the first real cracks in my naive philo-Semitism. If rightwing conservative Jews are willing to lie to you and spit on you for being a Christian, what must leftwing multiculturalist Jews think of you?

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Israelis are committed to the Jewish ethnostate. They don’t believe in civic equality. The Ministerial Committee on Legislation has rejected a bill that would force the Israeli Lands Administration to allocate land equally between Arabs and Jews. According to MK Ahmed Tibi, a single Arab town hasn’t been built in Israel since its foundation, although Arabs are 20% of the population.

America’s commitment to non-discrimination vanishes whenever Israel is involved. Western politicians like Sarah Palin and Geert Wilders proudly display Israeli flags in their offices. America gives Israel millions of dollars in foreign aid every year even as the Jewish state flagrantly violates its most sacrosanct liberal principles. The same Jewish organizations that push for open borders in the United States back Israel as it builds a Berlin Wall to keep out the Palestinians.

Jewish privilege is real. White privilege is non-existent. Just recently, Switzerland was widely condemned around the world for its ban on the construction of minarets. The rejection of this bill in Israel (and dozens like it over the years) hasn’t set off a similar backlash in the United States. It is understood that Israel has a right to remain a Jewish state whereas the right of Switzerland to remain a White Christian nation is highly controversial.

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American and Canadian Jews are immigrating to Israel in record numbers. In 2009, 3,324 immigrants came to Israel from the United States; 3,767 from all of North America. The 2009 total is “the highest aliyah from North America in 36 years.”

I don’t see this as anything to crow about. Israel doesn’t seem to be attracting many North American Jews. The vast majority of American Jews prefer living among Whites (and destroying our culture) to relocating to the Jewish ethnostate. No information was given regarding Jewish immigration from Israel to North America.

If the Zionist option is to become attractive, Jews will have to be given a powerful incentive in the West to pack their bags.

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Jimmy Carter has written a letter to the JTA begging the American Jewish community for forgiveness. Carter has confessed to being guilty of ‘stigmatizing Israel’.

In 2006, Jimmy Carter wrote a book called Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, in which he drew some comparisons between Israel and South Africa. It is worth noting that he didn’t recant the facts cited in the book regarding the horrible treatment of the Palestinians.

Apparently, Carter now believes the international prestige of Israel is more important than his stated commitment to ‘human rights’. If the Jewish Lobby wasn’t such a powerful force in American politics, would an ex-president of the United States ever prostrate himself before it in this manner?

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