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Ernst Zundel has finally been released from the German gulag. He served five years in prison for the crime of “denying the Holocaust” and “inciting hatred against Jews.”

The Federal Republic of Germany has written Jewish privilege into law. If I was a German citizen, the mere act of criticizing Jews on this blog would be enough to get me thrown in prison.


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Mortimer Zuckerman, the Jewish billionaire and publisher of U.S. News and World Report and New York Daily News, is considering running against Kirsten Gillibrand for Hillary Clinton’s old New York Senate seat. If elected in November, New York’s Senate delegation would be entirely kosher. The mayor of America’s largest city, Michael Bloomberg, is also Jewish.

Nothing to see here folks. Move right along. Jewish Power is purely a figment of our paranoid anti-Semitic imaginations. There is no substance to the charge. Everyone who raises the issue is a Neo-Nazi who wants to herd elderly people into gas chambers.

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Patrick Goldstein: “Three of this year’s Oscar best picture nominees have something unusual in common — they have leading characters who are open, self-proclaimed Jews.”

“A Serious Man,” “Inglourious Basterds,” and “An Education.” I confess that I haven’t seen any of these films as I try to avoid Jewish navel gazing whenever possible. The first is a satire by the Coen Brothers of a Jewish community in a 1967 Midwestern town. The second is Tarantino’s well known movie about a fictional Jewish SWAT team that scalps Nazis. The third is about a Jewish real estate speculator who seduces a British adolescent.

Some in the Jewish community have charged that these films are anti-Semitic and even resemble Nazi propaganda. “Inglourious Basterds” depicts Jews as bloodthirsty monsters. Trevor Lynch of TOQ Online noticed this in his review. “An Education” is about an unscrupulous Jewish pedophile. “A Serious Man” is about a staid Midwestern physics professor with a bitch for a wife and two insufferable brats as children.

It is worth observing here that there is a debate about these movies in the Jewish community. In contrast, the Europhobia of “Avatar” hasn’t made similar waves among White Americans. We’re not allowed a positive sense of racial identity that could serve as the basis of social criticism.

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Guy White has stepped up to bat and answered the questions I posed in the previous thread. Here are my own answers. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

1.) Why do we have academic institutions dedicated to the exploration of anti-Semitism, but not Europhobia?

Jews possess enormous wealth, power, and influence. In the mid-twentieth century, Jews became part of the American ruling class, and their narrow ethnic interests (such as fighting anti-Semitism) became reflected in American public discourse. An important corollary of the fight against “anti-Semitism” is the destruction of Gentile ethnic consciousness. Jews recognize that this is an important precursor to anti-Semitism and for that reason use their power and influence to demonize nationalist and populist sentiment in the White electorate.

2.) Why are Jews resented, but not Eskimos?

Jews are resented because of their implacable hostility to White Nationalism. This is a common thread that unites all the mainstream Jewish organizations. Jews are also resented because they are seemingly omnipresent in socially destructive trends and movements. Wherever Gentile culture rots, Jews seem to congregate in unusual numbers.

They aren’t resented because they are successful. In my area, Indians and Pakistanis are notorious for buying up local gas stations and hotels. They are emerging as a “market dominant minority.” Jews, however, don’t really live around here. The Indians and Pakistanis are economically motivated. Their quiet success doesn’t inspire the same resentment because they are not an aggressive minority group trying to “transform” the culture of their Gentile neighbors.

3.) Why is anti-Semitism socially unacceptable in the mainstream, but Europhobia encouraged?

The Jew Power has created this state of affairs to perpetuate its own existence. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, homosexuals, and workers must be stirred up against Whites to create a Jewish led majority governing coalition. If women, workers, and homosexuals thought of themselves as Whites, they might defect to the other side. If criticism of Jews was socially acceptable, the inordinate privileges that Jews enjoy in American society might garner attention and become a source of resentment.

4.) Why the a priori assumption of Jewish innocence?

Jews don’t want to admit that other groups have legitimate grievances against them. If the reasonableness of their critics was ever acknowledged, well, they might have to alter their behavior in ways they dislike. It might result in pogroms or genocide!

5.) Why is ethnic and racial consciousness verboten among Whites, but acceptable in the Jewish community?

Jews fear 1.) defection to the Gentile world and 2.) a backlash by Gentiles that might sweep away their accumulated wealth, power, and privileges. They spend billions of dollars each year on the Jewish Federations trying to maintain a sense of ethnic solidarity. At the same time, they have a phalanx of organizations dedicated to sniffing out and demonizing the slightest whiff of Gentile racial consciousness.

6.) Why is a border fence a proper remedy for Israel, but not for the United States?

It is “good for the Jews” for Israel to have secure borders and America to have porous ones. If Jews ever got in trouble abroad, it serves their interests to have the U.S. available as a sanctuary. The demographic eclipse of White America could also forestall the rise of an indigenous nativist anti-Semitic party.

7.) Why does the U.S. State Department fight anti-Semitism, but not far more prevelant racial prejudice against Whites?

This is a reflection of the internal balance of power between ethnic groups.

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Indiana University has launched a new “Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism.” It is the second such institution of its kind in the United States. Yale University has an “Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism.” There are three other major research institutes abroad; two in Israel, one in Germany.

Undoubtedly, the Indiana branch won’t come any closer to discerning the true cause of anti-Semitism. The academics there will start from the premise that Gentiles, unlike Jews, don’t have ethnic interests and legitimate grievances. Any expression of Gentile self interest (such as opposing open borders) will be pathologized as a cocktail of irrational paranoia, conspiracy theories, racism, nativism, sexual repression, anti-Semitism and the like.

The right questions won’t be asked: why do we have academic institutions dedicated to the exploration of anti-Semitism, but not Europhobia; why are Jews resented, but not Eskimos; why is anti-Semitism socially unacceptable in the mainstream, but Europhobia encouraged; why the a priori assumption of Jewish innocence; why is ethnic and racial consciousness verboten among Whites, but acceptable in the Jewish community; why is a border fence a proper remedy for Israel, but not for the United States; why does the U.S. State Department fight anti-Semitism, but not far more prevelant racial prejudice against Whites?

Update: The Kvetcher has taken an interest in this post. I will be monitoring any comments that get posted.

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In Haaretz, a frank new article discusses an ethnic alliance between Jews and Hispanics in a renewed push for “comprehensive immigration reform.” The basis of this alliance is a quid pro quo: Hispanics back Jews on Israel, Jews back Hispanics on immigration, and both unite to stick it to the White man!

Listen to this:

“”The organized Jewish community is more committed than ever to immigration reform. A letter supporting immigration reform, which will be sent out to all Senate offices in early February, was signed by dozens of national Jewish organizations.”

The alliance behind “comprehensive immigration reform” has decided that it must get rammed through Congress within the next three months before its unpopularity becomes an albatross for the Democrats in the fall elections.  Luis Gutierrez (Hispanic) and Chuck Schumer (Jew) are initiating legislation in Congress.

It should be interesting to see if a chastened Obama is willing to gamble his eroding support among independents on such an unpopular bill. Nothing stirred more anger against George W. Bush than his support for amnesty back in 2005 and 2006.

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Get out your box of kleenexes.

It is time for a carefully orchestrated worldwide orgy of pity for the poor, persecuted, suffering Jews who rank highly ( if not first) among the wealthiest, most powerful, and privileged ethnic groups on Earth. In case you didn’t know, January 27 is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Back in 2005, this day was set aside by the United Nations for the exclusive remembrance of Jewish suffering in World War II, an international conflict that claimed 70 million lives; the vast majority of whom were Gentiles.

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we are invited to remember the Jews who suffered in World War 2, and encouraged NOT to ask penetrating questions as to WHY they were persecuted. We are told the past must not be repeated, but asking certain questions about the past must be criminalized. The whole point of this is supposedly to avoid another Holocaust. If that were true, a real discussion would be going on about the obvious: what factor turned Nazi anti-Semitism into genocidal anti-Semitism?

The answer is not hard to find. The Germans were losing WW2 and blamed the Jews. Specifically, Hitler blamed International Jewry for drawing Britain and America into the war, and foiling his plans for a quick decisive strike against the Soviet Union. Hitler and Goebbels had warned International Jewry before that European Jewry would pay the price if the Third Reich went down in a war they had fomented. Jewish blood would be shed for German blood.

When Hitler came to power in 1933, the Final Solution wasn’t in the cards. He was content to restore German dominance over the German economy and German institutions. Over the previous fifty years, Jews had become vastly overrepresented in the German media, academia, and professions. Their cumulative influence was having a corrosive effect on German culture. This was bitterly resented by German nationalists. The same process would later unfold in America, but it started a few decades earlier in Germany.

Jews refused to accept their new status in the Third Reich. Their co-ethnics abroad launched an international boycott against Germany. The boycott failed in America due to internal division within the Jewish community here. In Britain and America, prominent Jews started beating the war drum against the Third Reich and influencing public opinion. This was noticed at the time and resulted in a sharp rise in anti-Semitism within the United States. It did not go unnoticed in the Third Reich.

In hindsight, it is pretty clear (at least to me) that domestic Jewish agitation was not the most important factor on the Road to War in America, although American Jewry desired that result. What matters is that Hitler (with less accurate information) blamed International Jewry for Britain and America turning a border war with Poland into the Second World War which spelled ruin for his regime. He lashed out in rage and the rest in history.

The critical point here is that this unfortunate scenario could have been avoided. It wasn’t ordained by the nature of National Socialism. If Jews had accepted the end of Jewish Privilege in Germany and Eastern Europe, they could have resettled elsewhere. Hitler wasn’t adverse to Jewish colonialism in British-controlled Palestine. French-controlled Madagascar had been proposed as an alternative site for Jewish settlement.

Then as now, Jews won’t settle for anything less than full blown supremacy. Jewish Privilege must be codified in Western law and embedded in American culture. Criticism of Jews must be proscribed, demonized, and effaced from every corner of the internet. Jews must maintain a chokehold over the distribution of information. Along with every Western country, Germany must be de-Germanized and America must be de-Americanized. Jews demand an Open Door policy of access to all European countries and their resources. Tribute must be paid to Israel.

The list goes on and on. Jews are the only people in the world who literally force you to like them. The sacrifice of millions of their European co-ethnics makes me wonder whether a peaceful resolution of the Jewish Question is possible.

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