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Future of Antisemitica

I haven’t had the time lately to update Antisemitica on a daily basis. In the long term, I plan to integrate this website into a redesigned Occidental Dissent as a separate blog that focuses on the Jewish Question. Alternative Right has several people writing for multiple blogs on the same website. I’m planning to move in that direction.


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Back Home

I’m finally in a position to return to regular blogging here. I’ve spent most of the past three weeks on the road or out of touch because of an epic snowstorm. I see that a lot has been going on during my travels. In particular, I want to comment on Lawrence Auster and Mike Berman’s vicious attack on Jared Taylor. A post about that should be up this evening.

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I’m back. I should be able to return to active posting tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

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I’m moving to another state tomorrow. I don’t know when I will have internet access, but I will be back. More on Occidental Dissent.

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ISP Issues

A technical problem with my internet connection has prevented me from posting for several days now. The issue seems to have been resolved. I will have something new up this evening.

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Merry Christmas

I’ve taken a few days off to celebrate the holidays. I’m enjoying spending time with my family. I will return to active posting tomorrow.

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