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Chechar has seen the light on the Jewish Question. Lawrence Auster has responded at View From the Right. Like Chechar, I didn’t get the Jewish Question at first. It took me about six months to wrap my mind around the idea that Jews are not the people they present themselves to be. They have mastered the art of public relations. In this respect, White Nationalists have a lot to learn from them.


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Funny stuff. Check it out on Guy White’s blog.

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At CNN, David Frum concludes that anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are not always the same thing, but the distinction between the two is often theoretical. The fact that a mainstream news organization even has this discussion reflects the reality of Jewish privilege in American society. I have repeatedly made the point that no one talks about Europhobia. You can hate White people and remain perfectly mainstream, but if you even slightly criticize Jews, as Andrew Sullivan has recently done, you get tossed to the fringe.

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Patrick Goldstein: “Three of this year’s Oscar best picture nominees have something unusual in common — they have leading characters who are open, self-proclaimed Jews.”

“A Serious Man,” “Inglourious Basterds,” and “An Education.” I confess that I haven’t seen any of these films as I try to avoid Jewish navel gazing whenever possible. The first is a satire by the Coen Brothers of a Jewish community in a 1967 Midwestern town. The second is Tarantino’s well known movie about a fictional Jewish SWAT team that scalps Nazis. The third is about a Jewish real estate speculator who seduces a British adolescent.

Some in the Jewish community have charged that these films are anti-Semitic and even resemble Nazi propaganda. “Inglourious Basterds” depicts Jews as bloodthirsty monsters. Trevor Lynch of TOQ Online noticed this in his review. “An Education” is about an unscrupulous Jewish pedophile. “A Serious Man” is about a staid Midwestern physics professor with a bitch for a wife and two insufferable brats as children.

It is worth observing here that there is a debate about these movies in the Jewish community. In contrast, the Europhobia of “Avatar” hasn’t made similar waves among White Americans. We’re not allowed a positive sense of racial identity that could serve as the basis of social criticism.

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Guy White has stepped up to bat and answered the questions I posed in the previous thread. Here are my own answers. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

1.) Why do we have academic institutions dedicated to the exploration of anti-Semitism, but not Europhobia?

Jews possess enormous wealth, power, and influence. In the mid-twentieth century, Jews became part of the American ruling class, and their narrow ethnic interests (such as fighting anti-Semitism) became reflected in American public discourse. An important corollary of the fight against “anti-Semitism” is the destruction of Gentile ethnic consciousness. Jews recognize that this is an important precursor to anti-Semitism and for that reason use their power and influence to demonize nationalist and populist sentiment in the White electorate.

2.) Why are Jews resented, but not Eskimos?

Jews are resented because of their implacable hostility to White Nationalism. This is a common thread that unites all the mainstream Jewish organizations. Jews are also resented because they are seemingly omnipresent in socially destructive trends and movements. Wherever Gentile culture rots, Jews seem to congregate in unusual numbers.

They aren’t resented because they are successful. In my area, Indians and Pakistanis are notorious for buying up local gas stations and hotels. They are emerging as a “market dominant minority.” Jews, however, don’t really live around here. The Indians and Pakistanis are economically motivated. Their quiet success doesn’t inspire the same resentment because they are not an aggressive minority group trying to “transform” the culture of their Gentile neighbors.

3.) Why is anti-Semitism socially unacceptable in the mainstream, but Europhobia encouraged?

The Jew Power has created this state of affairs to perpetuate its own existence. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, homosexuals, and workers must be stirred up against Whites to create a Jewish led majority governing coalition. If women, workers, and homosexuals thought of themselves as Whites, they might defect to the other side. If criticism of Jews was socially acceptable, the inordinate privileges that Jews enjoy in American society might garner attention and become a source of resentment.

4.) Why the a priori assumption of Jewish innocence?

Jews don’t want to admit that other groups have legitimate grievances against them. If the reasonableness of their critics was ever acknowledged, well, they might have to alter their behavior in ways they dislike. It might result in pogroms or genocide!

5.) Why is ethnic and racial consciousness verboten among Whites, but acceptable in the Jewish community?

Jews fear 1.) defection to the Gentile world and 2.) a backlash by Gentiles that might sweep away their accumulated wealth, power, and privileges. They spend billions of dollars each year on the Jewish Federations trying to maintain a sense of ethnic solidarity. At the same time, they have a phalanx of organizations dedicated to sniffing out and demonizing the slightest whiff of Gentile racial consciousness.

6.) Why is a border fence a proper remedy for Israel, but not for the United States?

It is “good for the Jews” for Israel to have secure borders and America to have porous ones. If Jews ever got in trouble abroad, it serves their interests to have the U.S. available as a sanctuary. The demographic eclipse of White America could also forestall the rise of an indigenous nativist anti-Semitic party.

7.) Why does the U.S. State Department fight anti-Semitism, but not far more prevelant racial prejudice against Whites?

This is a reflection of the internal balance of power between ethnic groups.

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Guy White has a new post about White Nationalism and anti-Semitism that mentions me and brings up several topics of relevance to this website. As usual, what Guy says contains a grain of truth, but he likes to paint in broad strokes. He also tends to come at White Nationalism from a Jewish perspective.

Here’s my own two cents:

1.) There are White Nationalists who can be clinically diagnosed as psychopaths. They openly proclaim their intention to exterminate the Jews. Unlike Guy White, I am not convinced a majority of White Nationalists (or even a significant minority) share this point of view. In 9 out of 10 cases, it is mere saber rattling and more-radical-than-thou rhetorical posturing. If these people were truly genocidal, they would have the courage to carry out their convictions.

2.) It is equally true that a significant number of Jews are batshit crazy. They are unreachable. These people are driven by an animus against Whites and intend to do us harm. Unlike the WNs, these people often have the wealth, power, or influence to act on their resentments. The death of Howard Zinn a few days ago was a small reminder that such malicious Jews (individual fire starters) are out there.

3.) Yes, it is true that anti-Semites often say stupid things on the internet. I cited that in my first post as one of the reasons why I started this website. There is a world of difference though between powerless commentators on obscure blogs and the harm done to Whites by Jewish organizations like the ADL, AJC, or HIAS who have the ear of Congress and the President of the United States.

4.) There is no valid comparison between radical anti-Semites on fringe rightwing websites and the Jewish political pundits and commentators that dominate mainstream American public discourse. You can’t compare a David Brooks, Paul Krugman, or Jeffrey Goldberg to a WhitePrideWorldWide or HeilHitler 14/88 on VNN Forum.

5.) I’m a reasonable man. If Jews changed their behavior, I wouldn’t have a problem with them. I don’t write about Eskimos because they mind their own business and have never attempted to “transform”  the culture and racial attitudes of White Americans. We don’t write about the Amish, Navajo, Shakers, Sioux or countless other American minority groups for the same reason.

6.) Jews are resented because of their actions. Over the past two months, I have monitored them on this website. We’ve seen Jews try to manhandle the Pope, censor racialists at C-SPAN, push Obamacare through Congress, poison German youth with hip hop music, align with Hispanics to push “comprehensive immigration reform,” peddle anti-racist intrepretations of American history, demonize Whites on MLK day, demonize Sarah Palin, censor comments at The Huff Post, open our borders to a tidal wave of Haitian immigrants, etc.

7.) I totally reject the victimization theory. Jews have never been victimized in the United States. I can’t think of a single anti-Jewish federal, state, or local law ever passed in America since the ratification of the Constitution. In theory, we shouldn’t have a Jewish problem. Jews were welcomed to America with open arms and have been wildly successful here. They have absolutely no valid reason to hate this country or wish to displace its people. Yet we still have Jews like Howard Zinn.

8.) White Nationalism emerged in the mid-1970s in reaction to the demise of the Jim Crow South. Historically speaking, American racialism hasn’t been anti-Semitic. That changed in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement when the extent of Jewish involvement in pushing anti-racism and integration became unmistakably clear.

9.) White Americans are the victims, not Jews. Thousands of Americans lost their lives in the Second World War fighting Hitler’s armies. White Americans liberated the Jews from the Third Reich.

How did they repay us? By marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma with MLK, redefining America as a “nation of immigrants,” fomenting Communism, destroying racial theory, opening our borders to a tidal wave of Third World immigration, demonizing White racial consciousness, and so on. We’ve given Israel literally billions of dollars in tribute.

In return for what? Nothing but hatred and contempt for “White racism.” Ever more obscene and radical demands to purge our heritage of anything that smacks of whiteness. American Jews are the most ungrateful people who have ever lived. They have made themselves at home in our house, a nation created by Whites for Whites, and libel us as moral lepers!

10.) Why on Earth should White Nationalists like the Jews? No people in the world have done us more harm or loathe us with more malice. This was the case even before White Nationalism existed. Irrational WNs blame the Jews for everything that is wrong with America because of the Jewish omnipresence in almost every degenerate cultural trend.

The worst Jews can say about White Nationalists is that they have been the victims of some unkind comments by anonymous posters on the internet. That is nothing compared to the real harm that Jews inflict upon Whites on a daily basis which we are chronicling here.

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Indiana University has launched a new “Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism.” It is the second such institution of its kind in the United States. Yale University has an “Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism.” There are three other major research institutes abroad; two in Israel, one in Germany.

Undoubtedly, the Indiana branch won’t come any closer to discerning the true cause of anti-Semitism. The academics there will start from the premise that Gentiles, unlike Jews, don’t have ethnic interests and legitimate grievances. Any expression of Gentile self interest (such as opposing open borders) will be pathologized as a cocktail of irrational paranoia, conspiracy theories, racism, nativism, sexual repression, anti-Semitism and the like.

The right questions won’t be asked: why do we have academic institutions dedicated to the exploration of anti-Semitism, but not Europhobia; why are Jews resented, but not Eskimos; why is anti-Semitism socially unacceptable in the mainstream, but Europhobia encouraged; why the a priori assumption of Jewish innocence; why is ethnic and racial consciousness verboten among Whites, but acceptable in the Jewish community; why is a border fence a proper remedy for Israel, but not for the United States; why does the U.S. State Department fight anti-Semitism, but not far more prevelant racial prejudice against Whites?

Update: The Kvetcher has taken an interest in this post. I will be monitoring any comments that get posted.

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