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Ernst Zundel has finally been released from the German gulag. He served five years in prison for the crime of “denying the Holocaust” and “inciting hatred against Jews.”

The Federal Republic of Germany has written Jewish privilege into law. If I was a German citizen, the mere act of criticizing Jews on this blog would be enough to get me thrown in prison.


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Chechar has seen the light on the Jewish Question. Lawrence Auster has responded at View From the Right. Like Chechar, I didn’t get the Jewish Question at first. It took me about six months to wrap my mind around the idea that Jews are not the people they present themselves to be. They have mastered the art of public relations. In this respect, White Nationalists have a lot to learn from them.

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No Jews

I haven’t seen a single Jew at the Amren conference this year. There are lots of us evil anti-Semites in attendance though. Nothing much else to report.

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As I announced on OD, I am traveling to Washington, DC this evening to get settled in for the AR Conference. I will be live blogging and doing a wrap up with reviews of the speakers and my thoughts and impressions. If anything of relevance to the Jewish Question gets brought up (a la the Duke/Hart fiasco), I will post about it here. It should be interesting to see if more Jews turn out as protestors or attendees.

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Mortimer Zuckerman, the Jewish billionaire and publisher of U.S. News and World Report and New York Daily News, is considering running against Kirsten Gillibrand for Hillary Clinton’s old New York Senate seat. If elected in November, New York’s Senate delegation would be entirely kosher. The mayor of America’s largest city, Michael Bloomberg, is also Jewish.

Nothing to see here folks. Move right along. Jewish Power is purely a figment of our paranoid anti-Semitic imaginations. There is no substance to the charge. Everyone who raises the issue is a Neo-Nazi who wants to herd elderly people into gas chambers.

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Jews and Virginia

Last week, I met three Jews here in Virginia. In Alabama, I didn’t have much interaction with them, but Jews are far more conspicuous in the DC and Charlottesville area. I found them all to be extremely bright people with a powerful work ethic. On this level, I found them admirable.

In particular, one brought up Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, skinheads, and Holocaust deniers all in the course of an hour long casual conversation about a totally unrelated issue. It took everything I had not to laugh out loud. I thought to myself: yeah, that’s our Jewish friends. This guy had no idea who he was talking to.

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Patrick Goldstein: “Three of this year’s Oscar best picture nominees have something unusual in common — they have leading characters who are open, self-proclaimed Jews.”

“A Serious Man,” “Inglourious Basterds,” and “An Education.” I confess that I haven’t seen any of these films as I try to avoid Jewish navel gazing whenever possible. The first is a satire by the Coen Brothers of a Jewish community in a 1967 Midwestern town. The second is Tarantino’s well known movie about a fictional Jewish SWAT team that scalps Nazis. The third is about a Jewish real estate speculator who seduces a British adolescent.

Some in the Jewish community have charged that these films are anti-Semitic and even resemble Nazi propaganda. “Inglourious Basterds” depicts Jews as bloodthirsty monsters. Trevor Lynch of TOQ Online noticed this in his review. “An Education” is about an unscrupulous Jewish pedophile. “A Serious Man” is about a staid Midwestern physics professor with a bitch for a wife and two insufferable brats as children.

It is worth observing here that there is a debate about these movies in the Jewish community. In contrast, the Europhobia of “Avatar” hasn’t made similar waves among White Americans. We’re not allowed a positive sense of racial identity that could serve as the basis of social criticism.

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