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Ernst Zundel has finally been released from the German gulag. He served five years in prison for the crime of “denying the Holocaust” and “inciting hatred against Jews.”

The Federal Republic of Germany has written Jewish privilege into law. If I was a German citizen, the mere act of criticizing Jews on this blog would be enough to get me thrown in prison.


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In light of friedrich braun’s recent comments, I have finally decided to address this subject. Guy White has also accused me of ducking the issue in the past. This will be my definitive statement on the matter.

1.) Lack of interest. The Holocaust has never interested me. In the past, I have tried to research the topic, but found myself bored to tears. I don’t have much interest in the Third Reich or the Second World War. I’m much more interested in Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Having never researched the matter in any detail, I plead ignorance and take no position on the truth or falsehood of revisionist claims.

2.) Not our fight. Holocaust revisionism isn’t our fight. The United States played an important role in the destruction of Nazi Germany. Americans aren’t to blame for the death of European Jews. This black cloud hangs over the Federal Republic of Germany. If anyone should address the issue, it should be German scholars, not Americans.

3.) Not irrelevant. Holocaust revisionism is not irrelevant to White Nationalism. Jews like Elie Wiesel and Jewish organizations like the ADL are attempting to use the issue as a battering ram to erode our First Amendment rights. They want to turn the U.S. into another European banana republic by writing the concept of “hate speech” into American law. For obvious reasons, White Nationalists should vigorously oppose their efforts before they thwart our ability to organize.

4.) Common cause. Holocaust revisionism is one of the few issues in which White Nationalists are supported by conservatives and libertarians. The broader rightwing recognizes the insidious threat to free speech that those who would criminalize Holocaust revisionism represent. Banning Holocaust revisionism in the name of fighting “hate speech” is a slippery slope that will eventually come back to burn the mainstream right.

5.) Holocaustianity. A pseudo-religion has grown up around the Holocaust. It has the whole grab bag of myths, martyrs, shrines, rituals, etc. The Holocaust is unique among other historical topics. Questioning its veracity is treated as a sacrilegious act. In several European countries, it is a crime that results in prison time. Holocaustianity should be relentlessly mocked and criticized.

6.) Importance. The Holocaust plays an important role in the White guilt complex. We simply can’t dismiss the issue. It is a tragedy that American children know more about the Holocaust than the American Revolution or the Civil War. It should be demphasized.

7.) Radicals. The only revisionist I know is Ingrid Zündel, whom I have met in person, the wife of the imprisoned revisionist Ernst Zündel. This harmless elderly woman was a victim of ethnic cleansing in Russia. She has devoted much of her life to caring for disabled children. This “radical” is anything but a threat to “national security.”

8.) Like any other subject. The Holocaust should be treated like any other subject. It should be open to free inquiry. Revisionists should not be demonized, persecuted, or imprisoned for exericising their right to write about the past. A plurality of views exist about the demise of the Roman Empire. Why should the Second World War be treated any different?

9.) American revisionists. I would much rather see American revisionists writing about the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Jim Crow South and the Civil Rights Movement than the Holocaust. Jews like Eric Foner have completely rewritten the history of Reconstruction. I have stressed the importance of “changing the culture” over engaging in fruitless political campaigns. American revisionism of this sort has an important role to play in that project.

10.) Politics. The Holocaust is completely irrelevant to engaging in “practical politics.” It can be nothing but a distraction to, say, a White racialist running for Congress in Alabama. Holocaust revisionism shouldn’t be a part of a pro-White political platform.

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In Hungary, Elie Wiesel is urging the government to outlaw Holocaust revisionism:  “I ask you, why don’t you follow the example of France and Germany and declare Holocaust denial not only indecent but illegal? In those countries, Holocaust deniers go to jail.”

A popular philo-Semitic argument is that Jews and Gentiles alike are misguided carriers of liberalism. In this case, a Jew is attacking the foundations of a liberal society in the name of ethnic self interest, advocating authoritarian restrictions on free speech. The liberal principle of tolerance is derived from moral agnosticism; the state should take a neutral position on morality, allow individual citizens to determine their own conception of the good life, as this is consistent with individual liberty.

Wiesel is saying that the government should determine and enforce a moral code and outlaw the publication of wicked beliefs. He is insinuating that Holocaust denial is sacrilege. In his mind, crushing profane beliefs takes precedence over individual rights. This is closer to Islam or Medieval Catholicism than the modern liberal tradition.

The shoe doesn’t fit.

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